AN Arran photographer snapped stunning pictures of a pod of dolphins off the coast of Lochranza, a village on the north of the island.

Helen Logan took pictures of the pod of eight on Sunday October 2 – driving 20 miles to get the snaps. The photographs have amazed Facebook users.

She said: “I was in Machrie when I was photographing a couple of otters. When I got back in my car, I was downloading my pictures and I noticed that my friend has texted me to tell me that there were dolphins in Lochranza. I felt like a paramedic – I drove as fast as I could.

“There were people pointing and there were kids who were all excited – you could see there was quite a stir going on.

“I just think that we’re totally blessed living on this island. I feel like it’s a gift.

“This year I’ve seen dolphins five or six times. When they come round it’s quite special.”

The National: Two dolphins frolic in the sea near Lochranza (Credit: Helen Logan)Two dolphins frolic in the sea near Lochranza (Credit: Helen Logan) (Image: Helen Logan)

Helen works full time as a dental nurse but has been pursuing her photography passion since August 2020.

Her lifelong love of animals is reflected in her photography which focuses on Arran’s wildlife.

Originally from Birkenhead in England, Helen was inspired to move to Arran after visiting the island as a child with her grandfather who lived there briefly after he was evacuated during World War 2.

Helen shares her photographs on her Facebook page and in the Facebook group Arran Cetacean Sightings.