LIZ Truss has been warned she must rule out "anti-devolution" peer David Frost from her Government. 

The SNP call follows speculation that the Tory leadership frontrunner would offer the former Cabinet Office minister a role in her government, should she become the next prime minister.

The unelected Frost has previously caught the ire of the Yes movement for his comments on Scottish devolution, saying that Scotland should “evolve back” and that independence would be “morally wrong".

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Frost made the comments in a column in the Daily Telegraph, where he referred to Scotland as a “subordinate-entity…within the UK”.

Also included in the article was a plan to make independence “impossible” to achieve by imposing legislation that would require three-quarters of MSPs to be pro-independence over a decade.

Now the SNP are looking to pre-empt any move from Truss to welcome Frost back into the government fold.

SNP Deputy Westminster Leader Kirsten Oswald MP said that Frost has shown “nothing but disdain for Scotland” and that if the Tories look to offer him a senior role in government then it would signal they are “gearing up to dismantle devolution lock, stock and barrel”.

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She added: “The Cabinet Office is supposed to be the Whitehall department that engages with the devolved administrations, so putting an anti-devolution candidate like David Frost in charge - a man who has called on the rollback of devolution itself - is a staggering revelation behind the curtain of power at Westminster.

“Liz Truss must immediately distance herself from these suggestions and rule out categorically that David Frost would serve in any government position she might have the influence in deciding.

“The only way to guarantee the protection of Scotland’s parliament is to rid Scotland of Westminster governments we don’t vote for with the full powers of independence.”

Truss's campaign and Lord Frost were contacted for comment.