AN SNP MP has called for the formation of a Yes alliance including Alex Salmond should the next general election become a de facto independence referendum.

Nicola Sturgeon has made clear that if the UK Supreme Court rules against the legality of the Scottish Parliament’s bill for a second referendum then the next general election will be run by the SNP as a de facto indyref2.

However, Joanna Cherry MP has said that if this is the case then a Yes alliance should be formed instead of numerous independence-supporting parties fielding different candidates.

She writes: “Some are already arguing for a Yes alliance to stand candidates rather than the SNP alone as some will argue it must be absolutely clear that each vote cast is a vote for Scotland to become an independent country.

“It could be a unifying move bringing together the SNP, Greens, disaffected former SNP activists including those who went to Alba or the other small pro-indy parties and the all-important wider Yes movement which includes such outstanding advocates as Lesley Riddoch and Andy Wightman

Furthermore, Cherry called for former First Minister Salmond to be given a role in the campaign because “his strategic knowhow is too good to be ignored”.

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According to legal expert Dr Nick McKerrell the Supreme Court is unlikely to hear the case until the autumn.

Cherry states that should the court rule against the First Minister then the next General Election isn’t likely to occur until 2024, which would allow time for an alliance to be formed.

However, she also states that whether or not a Yes Alliance is created or controversial figures such as Salmond are included in an official campaign, it is “essential” that the SNP Westminster group undergoes a revamp before the campaign begins.

She writes: “The issues have been plain for all to see, and they need to be addressed.

“The group needs to be united, free from distractions and fighting fit if it is to play the central role in the lead up to a general election which leads to Independence.”

It comes in the wake of SNP MP Patrick Grady being suspended from the party in the wake of a police investigation into his behaviour after a parliamentary probe found he had behaved inappropriately towards a 19-year-old party worker.