FILM crews were spotted at a Glasgow park, filming the hit TV series Outlander.

Several trucks, some of them marked 'Movie Makers', and tents can be seen at the scene, along with location paths which are guarded by security personnel.

The National: Trucks in Pollok ParkTrucks in Pollok Park

The National: Cars and security guards were also seenCars and security guards were also seen

The National: Trailers for cast and crew nearbyTrailers for cast and crew nearby

The National: The crew seems to be filming in a wooded areaThe crew seems to be filming in a wooded area

The National: Trailers for the cast and crewTrailers for the cast and crew

The National: Denzell Hunter's trailerDenzell Hunter's trailer

The National: Sign marking 'location two'Sign marking 'location two'

The National: Signage at the sceneSignage at the scene

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Part of the filming appears to be happening in a woodland area of the park and vehicles could be seen moving in and out of the taped-off site.

Crew members were also captured setting up lights for the production.

A security guard working at the scene confirmed to the Glasgow Times that the production is for Outlander.

A few people were spotted walking around the setup, some of them wearing 'Starz' logos, referring to the distributor of the iconic TV show.

No Outlander actors or actresses have been spotted at the park so far, but the cast and crews' trailers can be seen set-up near the shoot, including that of the character Denzell Hunter.

The official Instagram page of the historical drama confirmed the filming of season seven two weeks ago.