AN independent Scotland joining the EU would be “good for Europe”, according to the former French ambassador to the UK.

While the Catalan independence referendum previously made the conversation around Scotland joining the bloc more difficult, things have changed after Brexit, said Silvie Bermann.

The former ambassador, who served in the role during Brexit, told the Herald on Sunday that Europe would now be “very happy” if Scotland opts to join the bloc after securing independence, as is the current SNP policy.

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However, she warned that the EU may put pressure on the country regarding its currency – although joining the euro is not an obligation upon entry to the bloc.

In the interview, Bermann was asked how the EU would feel about Scotland joining.

“We’ll welcome it,” the former diplomat said.

“It was more difficult during the referendum on independence because of the reaction of Spain [due to the issue of Catalan independence]. So at that time maybe it wouldn’t have been so popular but I think the situation has changed because there’s been Brexit.”

She went on: “Probably there would be some negotiation, but [Scotland joining the EU] would be good for Europe. There’s no reason why if there’s this referendum which is accepted that we shouldn’t want to have Scotland – we’ll be very happy.”

On the issue of currency, Bermann said there are countries which don’t opt to use the euro, but added that there would need to be an agreement with the Bank of England on Scotland keeping the pound.

The current SNP policy is to keep the pound after independence, but not in a currency union. Party members have voted for a new currency to be brought in after independence “as soon as practicable”.

The National:

On comparisons with Brexit, Bermann said Scottish independence is a “different situation”.

She explained: “Scots wanted to remain in the EU and that’s one of the reasons why you didn’t vote for independence in 2014, and so now since the UK left the EU the situation is totally different. Scotland voted for remaining and so you’re probably still furious.”

Bermann also accepted that Irish reunification coming before Scottish independence is a “possibility”.

The full interview with Bermann can be read here.

The former ambassador’s comments come after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon penned an exclusive article for the Sunday National firing the starting gun on a fresh independence drive.

The SNP chief, who wants to hold a referendum next year, pledged that a new independence prospectus would be published “shortly”.

Alyn Smith MP: "It will come as no surprise to anyone paying attention that Scotland is well thought of by our European friends and neighbours.

"Europe is good for Scotland and Scotland is good for Europe. With the full powers of independence, Scotland can strengthen our bonds with our European neighbours and play our full part on the world stage."