DEPUTY UK Labour leader Angela Rayner has said it would be "completely unacceptable" if she went "over the despatch box and lamped Boris Johnson" as she slated Will Smith for his actions at the Oscars.

Smith has publicly apologised for hitting comedian Chris Rock on stage after he made a joke about his wife Jada's alopecia.

Rock compared Smith’s wife to “GI Jane”.

The 53-year-old - who won the Best Actor award shortly after the incident - called his behavior "unacceptable and inexcusable".

Rayner has since told Sky News he set a bad example for youngsters.

She said: "I get passionate and upset, we all do, but, you know, if I went over the despatch box and lamped Boris Johnson because I didn’t like what he said, because he offended me, then that would be completely unacceptable, and I think it was unacceptable that Will did that, so I think it was right that he apologised.

“You lose the debate if you resort yourself to violence.”

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Earlier, education minister Will Quince said children were taught at school that “violence is never, ever the answer”.

He said: “It’s so disappointing because I’m a huge fan of Will Smith and I think violence is never, ever the answer.”

Quince said he welcomed Smith’s apology and said: “I hope he reflects on his behaviour because he is a big role model.”

Smith has been condemned by the Academy as it launched a formal review into his altercation with Rock during the Oscars ceremony.

In a statement posted to Instagram, the actor said: “I would like to publicly apologise to you, Chris. I was out of line and I was wrong.

"I am embarrassed and my actions were not indicative of the man I want to be. There is no place for violence in a world of love and kindness."