INDEPENDENCE campaigners marched through the streets of Edinburgh on Saturday, with pipers and giant Saltire flags accompanying the procession.

The march, which was organised by Yes2Indee as the first of its campaign for 2022, made its way through the capital after leaving from Castle Street with shouts of “What do we want, independence. When do we want it – now.”

It was accompanied by the Saor Alba pipes and drums, with the route passing the UK Government offices and the Scottish Parliament, where speakers addressing the gathering included SNP MP Deidre Brock.

The National:

She told the crowd: “UK politics is in chaos, wrecked by greed and ambition.”

During the event, Yes2Indee paid homage to The Killie Piper, Warren Graham, an independence supporter from Kilmarnock who was known for his bagpipe playing talents and who died suddenly in January at the age of 17.

Gary Kelly, of Yes2indee, estimated round 1000 people had attended the march.

The National:

He said: “We were delighted with the turnout – it was lovely weather for it.

“The way things are just now, it is about building momentum again – in 2014 we had to build momentum and that is what we are going to have to do again this year.”

Kelly previously said the organisation wanted to bring back the “feelgood factor” to the Yes campaign following the pandemic and show Scotland is ready to “seize independence”.