TWITTER has proven its worth by helping one National columnist identify a number of UFOs seen flying over Scotland.

Lesley Riddoch had written on the social media platform to ask if anyone else had seen the trail of unidentified lights flying over Fife.

She wrote: “Woke early and have just seen extraordinary light trail in sky over North Fife.

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“Horizontal chain of about 20 small white lights moving steadily and silently west to east. Can’t imagine what it was. But beautiful. Anyone?”

The reactions came pouring in.

“Have the aliens come north because there wasn't a leader worth being taken to in Westminster?” one Jim Boylan quipped.

“If it was aliens looking for intelligent life in North Fife they'd be well advised to stop wasting their time”, another joked.

However, some users had the correct answer - and it’s nothing quite as mysterious.

“One of the billionaires' new satellite galaxies, most probably. There are going to be thousands more of those satellites over the next few months, which is going to make terrestrial astronomy most awfully difficult,” user @simon_brooke responded.

He also shared a link to an article about a “megaconstellation” of thousands of satellites, touted as having the potential to bring internet coverage to the entire planet, launched by Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

Warnings were raised about the impact such satellites, which are visible from Earth, will have on the shared cultural heritage of the night sky.

Brooke added on Twitter: “There are several competing 'galaxies' – Musk's isn't the only one. The idea is that they will ultimately provide cheap high speed internet for people in remote areas – which is plausible, and a good thing in itself – but I worry about impact, and about monopolies.”

Responding, Riddoch said the satellite train had been “exactly what I saw”.

“I realised they weren't a natural phenomenon but had no idea satellites were being sent up in 'trains' like this. Jings,” she added.