SCOTTISH writer Chris McQueer says launching his new project with The National is a “dream come true”.

The author is interviewing both big-name and up-and-coming figures from Scotland’s art and culture scene as part of the new Chris McQueer Meets series.

Every two weeks, The National will bring you an in-depth interview with a Scotland-based performer, writer or artist.

McQueer, best known for his short story collections Hings and HWFG, kicked the series off this week with comedian and writer Paul Black.

Readers can look forward to hearing from plenty more exciting young talents, high-profile artists and A-list celebrities in the coming weeks.

McQueer said: "I really can't wait to get started on this series. I've been on the receiving end of a lot of interviews over the last few years and I much prefer to be the one asking the questions.

The National:

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“Getting to be professionally nosey is a dream come true. I love digging into what makes creative people tick and finding out why they do what they do and hopefully unearth some stories people haven't maybe had the chance to tell yet."

National News Editor Laura Webster added: "We are so excited to have Chris McQueer on board as a regular contributor.

“As one of Scotland's most exciting young voices and promising authors, it'll be fantastic to see him interviewing his creative peers over the coming weeks."

In the first Chris McQueer Meets interview, the author spoke to Black about his career so far, what's next for him and to find out what he would make if he was given an unlimited budget.

We have plenty more amazing interviews lined up so make sure to look out for the next instalment in The National.