THE SNP's Richard Lochhead has slammed Scottish Tory leader and MP Douglas Ross for backing a bill “that undermines democracy”.

The SNP MSP criticised Ross for voting in favour of the UK Government’s Elections Bill in the House of Commons.

Lochhead said: “The Elections Bill is not only deeply flawed but it is an outright attack on democracy from a Tory Government that is hellbent on disenfranchising the electorate.

“I was deeply disappointed to see Moray’s own Tory MP troop through the lobbies to back this bill which will make it much harder for the most marginalised communities to vote and take part in elections. We need to call this out for what it is and it is frankly a cynical attempt at voter suppression."

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The Tories plan to make photographic ID mandatory before casting ballots at polling stations in UK general elections, which it has been warned will impact on the number of people voting in marginalised communities where a greater number do not have such identification.

UK ministers have been accused of “dodging scrutiny” by Dr Jess Garland, director of policy and research at the Electoral Reform Society.

She said that it “further weakened the integrity of our elections”.

The Westminster opposition failed to block the voter ID mandate in the Commons on January 17.

Lochhead denounced the bill as voter suppression and said that by backing it, Ross sought to further complicate voting for already disenfranchised communities.

He said: “I am unaware of any voter fraud in Moray so maybe Mr Ross would like to enlighten his constituents as to why he feels this is necessary?

“Mr Ross spends a lot more time in Scotland these days doing his other job so it speaks volumes about his views that he made sure he was present for this particular vote where he voted the wrong way."