ALL Under One Banner (AUOB) is ready for the road this weekend after Glasgow City Council approved its emergency demonstration.

The campaign group said the demonstration calling for Boris Johnson to be sacked, the ending of Tory rule and independence now, would set off from George Square this Saturday at 11:15am sharp, and urged attendees to gather early.

From there, marchers will go down South Frederick Street onto Ingram Street, then High Street and Saltmarket to their destination of Glasgow Green for a rally.

The council confirmed to The National that AUOB had “properly notified us of their intention to hold a procession on Saturday”.

Neil Mackay, from AUOB, said there had been a good response to the hastily-called event, which had been cutting across party divides.

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“It’s cutting right through because Westminster is the problem, not just the parliament but the whole system of government and London rule and they all point to the same thing.

“I think in a way it's quite a healthy process for the independence movement, being able to see the wood from the trees.

“Scotland's always been like that with clan struggles and feuds and all sorts of things and we’re our own worst enemy, but a lot of that's coming about because we're in this Union, basically, so it’s looking at what is the acute cause of the problem.”

Speakers already confirmed for the event are SNP MP Stephen Flynn, Alba MP Neale Hanvey, trade union activist Chris McCusker and Charlotte Ahmed, who is on the committee of Now Scotland, which emanated from AUOB during the first lockdown.

Mackay said the event is open to everyone: “It doesn't matter if you have supported independence for many years, or only yesterday, if you've come to see the whole British state illusion, you've woken up to it and you realise you do want to Scotland to government itself.

“Or if your support is recent … it doesn't really matter how you voted, come along. If the wool’s been pulled away from your eyes and you can see what's going on, come along to this.

“We need to show the strength of our demand for independence.”

Mackay said he anticipated more than the 5000 demonstrators he originally estimated to The National.

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He said: “We’ve got up to 5000 people expected at the moment, but I think the way this is going it's looking to maybe get above 10,000.

“That would be a remarkable attendance, considering the pandemic going on for so long and how we've all changed our lives and that has had an impact. Finally it seems we’re beginning to get back to normal.

“So I think if we could get about 10,000 people, or something like that, or eight or 9000 people that would be phenomenal, a great result and would set things up very well for what's to come this year.”

He added: “I think people need to remember how we’re going to win this and it’s basically through getting together.

“We can't win this staying at home. We need to get out there.”