A POLAR bear cub has been settling into life at the wildlife park where it was born a month ago.

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) has released video footage of the cub wriggling and rolling over in the straw before settling down for a nap in the cubbing den.

The cub was born in December at the RZSS-owned Highland Wildlife Park near Kingussie to mother, Victoria, and father, Arktos.

Visitors are not yet able to see the youngster as both Victoria and her cub are settled in the off-show den to give them peace and quiet during the first sensitive few months.

Polar bears are born blind and do not open their eyes until they are a month old.

Vickie Larkin, head carnivore keeper at Highland Wildlife Park, said: “We’re delighted to say our polar bear cub and mum Victoria are doing well. Now at a month old, the little one’s eyes have opened but they are still very dependent on mum Victoria.

“Like all the animals in our care, our polar bears play an important role in attracting and engaging thousands of visitors each year so they can learn about the threats animals face in the wild and the action they can take to help.

“Their power to connect with people with nature and encourage behaviour change is invaluable.

“We won’t know if the youngster is a boy or girl until we are able to do the first health check in the coming months but we will be sure to keep everyone posted.”

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Highland Wildlife Park tweeted video footage of the cub, and said: “Our tiny polar bear cub is now a month old and is wriggling, rolling and napping like a pro with mum Victoria always close by.

“Remember visitors will not be able to see the little one just yet as they remain in the off-show den at this delicate stage.”

Victoria previously gave birth to Hamish, the UK’s first polar bear cub in 25 years, in December 2017.

As part of the breeding programme for the species, Hamish moved to Yorkshire Wildlife Park in November 2020.