The National:

WITH complete chaos in Westminster, the country needs a strong opposition party to hold the government to account.

That is where Labour should come in but the party have failed to provide a convincing argument on Brexit or Scottish independence.

And the same goes for standing up to Boris Johnson's scandal-ridden government.

In a meaningless gesture, Labour leader Keir Starmer posted a selfie of him with Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar on Twitter. He said: "As the Tories descend into civil war, only Labour are united across the UK not just to oppose the Tories, but replace them."

We can only imagine how the conversation went with the photographer. Perhaps Sarwar said: "Can you take a picture of us taking a picture of us? That will show the Tories."

Twitter users weren't impressed with the picture either, with one saying: "Lovely picture, but we all know Keir Starmer would sooner cosy up with Boris Johnson than listen to Scottish voters."

Christoper Cherry said: "Presumably a football team with a gaping hole on the left wing."

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Ross Colquhoun said: "A wonderful sentiment, until you remember that Keir Starmer doesn't respect the last Scottish election result and is currently pandering to Brexit voters in North of England. He expects voters in Scotland to put up and shut up when it comes to Brexit, yet still vote for them."

Another Twitter user added: "I think your definition of 'united' is not one anchored in reality."

And another said: "Great trolling from Keir here."