INDEPENDENCE activists across Scotland have started work delivering the one million copies of a special edition newspaper.

The eight-page paper was the result of a collaboration between the SNP, Believe in Scotland and The National.

It makes the case for a Yes vote from a wellbeing perspective and printing finished up on Tuesday.

The next stage of the process was a huge logistical exercise to distribute the million newspapers to SNP branches and other groups who had registered for copies.

The bulk of that exercise took place over the previous two days – with efforts now stepping up to get them through doors.

Activists have taken to social media to share pictures of themselves with the free special editions, printed on recycled paper.

SNP Forres, one of the party’s branches taking part in the campaign, made the point that “indyref2 campaigning is possible within the constraints of Covid”.

Cunninghame South SNP said simply: “Independence campaign starts here with the free newspaper.”

Other groups have been using the initiative as a way to get new volunteers involved in the cause too.

Yes Kirriemuir said: “Are you looking to get involved with the #AutumnOfActionForIndy? #YesKirriemuir has a wheen o papers to get oot aroond the Wee Red Toon and surrounding villages.

“New volunteers are welcome.

“Be part of the action.”

Tomorrow’s National will be an extended 48-page edition containing the content of the newspaper that is being given out for free.

National editor Callum Baird said: “It’s been great to see such energy behind this campaign to get an incredible one million papers making the case for Yes through doors.

“With this coming so shortly after our collaboration with Believe In Scotland in September, it’s clear where the momentum lies – and we want to make sure that keeps up. Let’s win indyref2.”