The National is offering 1000 Scotcoin to all our subscribers. As part of that promo, we’re digging into some case studies of how it’s being used across Scotland.

BETTER Internet Search is an ad-free and more private search engine helping the planet – and is set to use Scotcoin to rewards its users.

Developed in Fife and having gone live in December last year, it is Scotland’s only home-grown search engine and claims to be better for the user and also better for the planet.

Better Internet Search (BIS) is ad-free, so users can avoid the distraction of ads and sponsored content like clickbait, and there is no requirement to harvest user’s personal data to power the ad-servers.

The elimination of the ad delivery infrastructure reduces the energy required for search with a resulting 35% reduction in CO2 emissions.

At more than one billion tonnes per annum, the internet generates more CO2 than aviation.

The revenue generated by this new search engine is based on finding the information, products and services that the user wants.

When BIS users make online purchases resulting from some of these searches a commission is earned.

Online shopping is growing and the UK has the highest level in the world, so this model has become a viable alternative to advertising.

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To incentivise the use of the shopping functions of the new search engine, there is a rewards system and the Scotcoin digital currency is used for this purpose. The more that customers use the shopping function, the greater the rewards.

Dr Gordon Povey, CEO and founder of Better Internet Search, said: “We built the search engine for the user and think it is fair that they get rewarded for activities that are profitable for the company.

“Google doesn’t reward its users even though they give up a lot of personal data which is used to generate hundreds of billions of dollars from advertising.

“Individual rewards from our alternative model might average about £25 per year, perhaps not significant at a personal level but if combined with other user rewards it can become a force for social-good projects and that is why we have partnered with Scotcoin Project CIC”

Scotcoin rewards are to be distributed to users on a regular basis based on their shopping search activities.

The coins will accumulate in users’ accounts but can be donated towards the projects of their choice, tackling issues such as homelessness, poverty and climate change.

Users can also elect to open a digital wallet and hold their Scotcoin personally as a cryptocurrency.

The company is working with Scotcoin to develop these social-good projects and half a million SCOT has been acquired to seed the rewards program that will help fund these projects.

The search engine is open for new users and the shopping search enhancements with the Scotcoin rewards is scheduled to be released before Christmas.

If you’re an existing National digital subscriber, you’ll receive an email prior to November 17 telling you how to claim your 1000 Scotcoin.

If you sign up for a subscription before 11.59pm on November 17 – for as little as £2 for two months – you’ll also be eligible for the 1000 Scotcoin!