AS suggested by Paul “Wee Ginger Dug” Kavanagh, the Yes movement is a Do It Yourself grouping – hence the Yes DIY pages which feature in The National.

We are always keen to report on developments coming from within the movement, which is why we are delighted to reveal the creation of a new informal group to support co-ordination and communication across the Yes movement.

The group is calling itself the Scottish Independence Forum, and it is an initiative that’s possibly been overdue – not least in the field of inter-movement communications.

It is very much driven by the participants themselves. For instance, although there are SNP members on board, it does not involve the party.

The Forum features several weel-kent figures in the Yes movement, such as Ian Grant, author of the excellent Scotland and Independence booklet, and Greg McCarra (below) of the Scottish Independence Foundation (SIF).

The National:

The Forum told The National: “As we step up our preparations for the upcoming independence campaign, the need for further co-operation, co-ordination and communication between the various parts of our amazing movement has become more important.

“It is to this end that representatives from independence organisations, the Scottish Independence Convention, Now Scotland, the Scottish Independence Foundation, The National Yes Network and Voices for Scotland have been meeting informally and regularly to discuss shared goals, share information, co-ordinate campaigns and seek advice from other members.

“This grouping, dubbed the Independence Forum, has held a wonderfully supportive set of meetings with initiatives emerging demonstrating the power of closer co-ordination between stakeholder groups.

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“This includes, for example, a booklet written by a Now Scotland member, paid for by SIF being distributed via the National Yes Network to members across the country.

“Another example is the founding of the Scottish Independence Library, currently being built and which promises to be an amazing resource for campaigners and undecided voters.

“These are just two early initiatives and we look forward to cooperating further on campaigns promoting the case for independence to those whose support we need, and developing a blueprint for independence.

“We are delighted to announce this initiative and look forward to supporting and enhancing the amazing work done across Scotland in the name of independence.”