THEY have been a huge hit practically since they were founded and the Yes Bikers were once again much in evidence at the All Under One Banner march in Edinburgh last weekend.

When they form up and let out the throttles you can hear the roar of the Yes Bikers for miles around and as they are always a colourful group, the sight and sound of the Bikers is enough to inspire a whole generation of pro-independence supporters.

Indeed it looks as though they have already found the next generation of Yes Bikers. In the latest Sunday National there was a charming picture of two young brothers who had taken part in the march.

Proud dad David Greenhill wrote to tell us: “Thank you for printing the picture in the Sunday National of our two boys Jan-Duncan and Jonasz-Darach at the AUOB march on Saturday in Edinburgh.

“We all had a great time and it inspired Jan-Duncan to ‘pimp your bike for school’. He wanted a motorbike like the Yes Bikers.”

Looks like a good job was done on Jan-Duncan’s bike and though it might be a few years before he can get one with a real engine, we look forward to him appearing as a Yes Biker – maybe in a parade to mark the 10th anniversary of independence?

We are always on the lookout for your stories and pictures from Yes events and if you have a tale to tell us about your family or Yes group please e-mail words and pictures to just as soon as you can.