The National:

THE UK Labour Party is currently directionless and apparently more interested in infighting than in holding the government to account.

The LibDems, despite getting more media coverage than their meagre number of parliamentarians really warrants, are only really managing to become more irrelevant.

Meanwhile the Tories’ grasp on power only gets tighter, with no-one seriously expecting them to lose the next General Election despite crisis after crisis of their making and a contempt for democracy that sees them appoint whoever they jolly well like to government

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So where is Scotland left? Trapped in a Union to be ruled over by Tory government after Tory government that it didn’t vote for, with no real hope of change in Westminster.

Interestingly, this fact doesn’t seem to have escaped the notice of Google’s algorithm.

When a user searches for the question: “when did Scotland last vote for a Conservative government”, they’ll be given what seems like the wrong answer.

Not 1959, which is the last time the Tories won the popular vote north of the Border, but 2014.

The National:

“The referendum was held on 18 September 2014, with 55.3% voting to stay in the United Kingdom and 44.7% voting for independence,” Google tells us.

So a No vote in 2014 wasn’t just a vote to remain in the Union - it was a de facto vote to be ruled over by a Tory government.

Go figure. Maybe the wrong answer was right after all.