THE "Autumn of Indy Action" has officially kicked off with grassroots groups across the country out promoting the case for Yes.

But the pro-independence campaigning isn't limited to the more than 100 Yes groups out on the streets, but has also taken social media by storm.

Two hashtags, #YesBecause and #StillYes, have been trending on Twitter as thousands of Scots post to explain their support for the birth of a new nation.

The @YesScot Twitter account asked people to share their experiences using the first hashtag, with one Dec Magee replying: "I’m #YesBecause I believe in a country where, rather than spending our cash on weapons of mass destruction, we use our wealth and natural resources to improve the lives of everyone in Scotland."

"I'm #YesBecause I have more confidence in the @scotgov and benefit from better standards of living in Scotland. 7 years ago I was Undecided and out of touch. I did my own research, observed behaviours and contemplated a practical future that can be achieved", wrote Farah Farzana, the chair of SNP BAME.

She also shared a video of herself appearing on STV explaining her view on the independence question.

One Patrick Woodside commented: "#YesBecause we didn't get Devomax, Federal UK, Home Rule or keep our EU Citizenship like the Better Together campaign promised if we voted No in indyref1.

"Now we have the biggest amount of elected MSPs in favour of independence ever elected in the history of the Scottish Parliament."

"#YesBecause I've got a brain," another Twitter user quipped.

Jim Love wrote: "Since 2014, foodbank use has doubled (119,222 emergency parcels to 238,561 last year). Trident nuclear warhead stockpile limit has been increased by 40%, to 260. We've been dragged out of the EU.

"Faster, safer and better change? Yes then, Yes now, Yes forever. #YesBecause"

Julie Calderwood Fitzsimmons commented: "#YesBecause Scotland deserves to carve its own path. We have the talent, we have the resources. All we need is the wheel."

Sharing a picture of herself at a Yes march alongside a young girl, SNP minister Màiri McAllan wrote: "Yes today. Yes tomorrow. Yes until we are a normal, democratic country.

"I’m #YesBecause this wee one & those to come deserve to shape their own future, with governments they elect - not those whose focus is elsewhere and whose values we don’t share."

Another user added: "Seven years ago I was living in England and, rightfully, without a vote on Scotland’s future. I’m #YesBecause since moving 5 years ago I’ve seen that the Union doesn’t work for Scotland.

"In 2014 they lied when they said we were better together; Scotland deserves better than this."

There were also some people using the hashtag to explain their journeys from No to Yes.

One of these, Adam Dalgleish wrote: "This time 7 years ago I voted No because I thought Scotland was stronger in the UK, this has proven to not be the case. Now I’m #YesBecause I want Scotland to join other European nations in building a fairer, greener & more prosperous country which we can’t do while in the UK."

Another, Ruaridh Hanna, wrote: "I was No. Now I’m #YesBecause it’s clear to see that, especially since Brexit, Scotland’s voice has been ignored. A vote for independence is a vote to decide what kind of country we wish to become. 

"An independent Scotland could be whatever the people of Scotland want it to be."

A Jonathan Spink added: "I posted this last year too, but 7 years ago I voted no.

"I did it for stability, for more devolution & a strong ScotGov, to ensure loved ones wouldn't have issues staying in the UK and for our EU citizenship.

"I was given none of those for my vote. #YesBecause"

As well as those who had turned to the Yes side since 2014, there were also many using #StillYes to explain why their views on the constitution hadn't changed.

Leading these was First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who wrote: "For those of us backing #Yes, this day 7 years ago was hopeful, emotional, exhausting and, ultimately, heartbreaking.

"Scotland today is on a journey. If we persuade and inspire, I have no doubt it’s a journey that will reach the independence destination soon #StillYes #indyref2."

One Miss Babington wrote: "I came to be Yes in 2014 when I found a wee blue book on the #28 bus. I am #StillYes because the kinder, fairer, dignified and brighter future the people of our nation deserve is not only possible, it's absolutely essential.

"Injustice in the end produces independence ~ Voltaire," she added.

"Seven years since this chubby, 17-year-old high school student voted Yes to Scottish Independence. Still got my original Yes badge, wearing it today with pride," another user added.

"#StillYes because the last seven years have been rather a shitstorm of epic Tory failure and Scotland can't vote them out of office," a Craig Cockburn wrote.

One Lucy added: "I was yes 7 years ago, I'm #StillYes now. If anything, my resolve has strengthened.

"We need out of the Union and the chance to make our own decisions on ALL aspects of government, not just the areas devolved. It's coming."

What are your reasons for wanting Scottish independence? Let us know below or on scoial media.