MHAIRI Black has urged Scotland’s six “spineless” Tory MPs to stand up to their Westminster bosses and vote against a planned £20-a-week cut to Universal Credit.

MPs are due to debate the largest overnight benefit cut in modern history during Labour’s Opposition Day at Westminster, and the topic could be pushed to a vote.

There have been numerous warnings from campaigners and charities that cutting £20 a week from Universal Credit will push thousands of people into poverty. Six million people across the UK will be left £1000 a year worse off – at the same time as furlough ends, energy prices rise and months before the Tories’ latest tax rise comes in.

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The Financial Times reported that a UK Government official said their own internal modelling showed the Universal Credit cut could be “catastrophic”.

Two thirds of Scots are opposed to the cut, according to YouGov.

Scotland’s six Tory MPs recently voted for the National Insurance increase, which will see Scots pay to fix problems in England’s social care system. The increase has been described as a new “Tory poll tax” by the SNP’s Ian Blackford.

Mhairi Black (below), the SNP’s shadow Scotland secretary, said: “The six spineless Scottish Tory MPs have let down Scotland time and again over key issues, and their silence on this vital matter speaks volumes.

The National:

“Given two thirds of Scots are against the cuts, if there is a vote on the issue today, it is their duty to vote against the move that will slash Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit by £20 a week and cancel out the benefits of the Scottish Child Payment.

“The opposition day debate presents an opportunity for Douglas Ross and the rest of the Scottish Tories at Westminster to stand up for their constituents, reject these cuts and prove they are more than just Boris Johnson’s cheerleaders - I am urging them to take it.

“But my hopes are not high. We have seen time and again that we cannot trust the Tories to protect the people of Scotland or our recovery from Covid - and that is why it is vital that Scotland has a choice over our future in a referendum for recovery.”

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Ahead of today’s debate, Labour's shadow work and pensions secretary Jonathan Reynolds said: “Today, Labour is giving Conservative MPs the chance to do the right thing.

“They must choose between their blind loyalty to the Prime Minister and looking after their constituents.”