YOU can say what you want, but one of Scotland's biggest bands has gone from No to Yes.

Texas say Brexit means they now back Scottish independence.

In 2013, frontwoman Sharleen Spiteri was amongst the high-profile names backing the Union.

At the time, she backed devolution rather than indy, saying: "As far as I’m concerned, I’m British. And, yeah, I’m Scottish but I feel I’m part of the UK.

"I think it’s very important to have a Scottish government who make decisions for Scotland but I can’t understand how Scotland would survive independently.

"We don’t have the resources – like oil and gas – we’d need to keep Scotland afloat.

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"And to me, if you can’t survive, then what’s the point of breaking away?"

But now the Getaway singer has changed her mind. 

On Saturday the Express newspaper wrote an article based on Spiteri's 2013 comment, linked to her curent promotion of the band's latest album Hi.

It was headlined: "Sharleen Spiteri: Independent Scotland 'can’t survive' as 'we don’t have the resources'"

In response, the band's official Twitter account issued a short post saying: "This is not true. After Brexit, Sharleen and the rest of the band now support Scottish Independence."

That's triggered a massive response, racking up more than 6000 likes and in excess of 150 comments. 

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One poster responded: "I changed my mind on the issue following Brexit as well", while another said: "A significant number of us did too, it has been strengthened as we see Johnson as PM in England. That's why my support for Scottish Indy 2 is so strong now, and I'm confident it will succeed."

"Yaaaaas," said another, commenting that "Sharleen and Texas are back in the room".

And a fourth said: "I always loved Sharleen and Texas no matter their preference."

"I don’t want a Union I just need EU," joked another, "it’s got a ring to it."