WE’RE sad to report that the health of Mike Blackshaw of Edinburgh Yes Hub has not improved as he would wish, and the latest edition of the Hub’s magazine has reported on the subsequent changes that are taking place within the group.

Paul Cooper reported: “Many of you may be aware that Mike Blackshaw’s health has been getting worse with Mike being recently in hospital for many weeks at a time.

“Mike almost ran the Edinburgh Yes Hub single-handedly so it has recently been often closed.

“As a consequence, those involved in the Hub, with Mike’s blessing, have started to take over the Hub’s day-to-day running.

“There is now a team of people opening the Hub from 11 am to 4pm each weekday and opening at the weekend is coming soon. The team currently includes Janet Fenton, Mike Wallace, Ivor Birnie, Eoin McCarthy, Kenny Young, Gillian Grant, George Fraser, and Lauren Wheelan. Many thanks goes to them for picking this ball up and running with it.

“The interior of Hub has been revamped and as well as being a shop for Scottish produce it can still be used, and has been, for events which will be crucial when the next independence referendum campaign starts.

“The use of the Hub for political events, meetings and to provide information is still the most important part of our mission so if you need a space for a meeting or event then pop in to discuss or email us at theedinburghyeshub@gmail.com,” he added.