DEMANDS for the SNP Scottish Government to announce its plans for a second independence referendum, especially the date, have been growing from a whisper to a clamour in recent months.

Now a demonstration is being planned for the resumption of business at the Holyrood Parliament after the summer recess, led by the renowned independence blogger Peter A Bell and the White Rose Rising group which began on Facebook last year.

The National understands that key figures and groups in the Yes movement will be supporting the demonstration which is entitled Union No More.

White Rose Rising stated: “On Tuesday, August 31 2021 at 14:00 the Scottish Parliament resumes after the summer recess. That afternoon the First Minister will set out her Programme for Government 2021-22. This is not expected to include the announcement of a new referendum.

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“Blogger and speaker Peter A Bell has intimated that he means to attend the Scottish Parliament on that date to urge in the most forceful way possible that the Programme for Government 2021-22 should include a firm undertaking to assert the competence of the Scottish Parliament in all constitutional matters relating to Scotland in preparation for the Scottish Parliament authorising a referendum on the question of the Union on a date to be announced before Thursday, September 30 2021.

“The message is simple. The Scottish Government must immediately initiate the process of restoring Scotland’s independence. After seven years of waiting, it is time!”

In his blog yesterday, Bell wrote: “We need a game-changer. That game-changer must come from the people. Only the people have the required strength. And only if we are united in the sort of numbers and with the kind of focus and determination that makes the professional politicians very nervous indeed.

“That game-changer must be produced now. Anybody who is talking in terms of the next election or maybe the one after simply doesn’t understand Scotland’s predicament.

“We must resist. If Scotland is to survive as a nation, we must resist.

“To be effective, our resistance to the British Nationalist onslaught must enlist the SNP/Scottish Government and thereby the Scottish Parliament. Only the Scottish Parliament can end the Union and restore our nation’s independence.

“We are not demonstrating against the SNP/Scottish Government. It is a demonstration against the Union. We are merely demanding that our government act to rescue Scotland from being absorbed into the latest iteration of the ‘Greater England’ project.”