The National:

GB News is quickly becoming the home of gaffes as the channel could not even spell the name of one of Scotland's cities correctly.

Neil Oliver, TV archaeologist turned political commentator for GB News, was appearing on the channel's morning show today.

Oliver lives with his family at a home in Stirling, where he appeared to be broadcasting remotely in an early morning programme for GB News.

Or was he?

You see GB News showed in an onscreen graphic that Oliver was broadcasting from somewhere called "Sterling".

Of course, reality is slightly off-kilter in the GB News studio with head honcho Andrew Neil declaring Oliver the "King of Scotland" within the first half-hour of the channel's launch.

The National:

Perhaps Oliver lives in a fantasy version of Scotland where he is the king and all places have slightly different names. It's hard to tell where reality ends and fantasy begins when you're watching GB News.

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One Twitter user was quick to point out that Oliver could indeed be broadcasting from "Sterling", just not the place where he lives.

Richard Eadie said that he could be working from a Sterling furniture store that started out in Tillicoultry, about 10 miles from the city of Stirling.

We wouldn't put it past Oliver to turn his hand to selling furniture considering his most recent career change, but we don't think this is actually the case.

Another pointed to the fact that Oliver could well be broadcasting from fantasy Scotland, asking whether Sterling is near the fictional town of "Stoneybridge" from the comedy sketch show Absolutely.

Wherever Oliver is broadcasting from, we think he might need to have a wee word with whoever is in charge of the graphics at GB News.