RENOWNED Scottish biker Danny MacAskill hopes his new film inspires the next generation to get on their bikes and try something daring.

The 35-year-old from the Isle of Skye collaborated with fellow Scot and BMX expert Kriss Kyle in footage that sees them negotiate natural hurdles on woodland trails and concrete obstacles.

MacAskill, whose exploits have garnered him hundreds of millions of online views, said he had planned to create a video with international riders but due to the pandemic he and Kyle, 29, had to stay in the UK.

The six-minute film was shot in Nesscliffe in Shropshire and in Blackpool.

The film was sponsored by Scotland-based cycle kit maker Endura, which makes items like helmets, jerseys and protective padding.

It features several wipe-outs and crashes as the pair attempt high-level acrobatics, which MacAskill says contributes to its relaxed, off-the-cuff feel and shows other riders the realities of biking.

He added: “I’m a trial veteran and Kriss is BMX but we’ve got into mountain biking in the past couple of years so it’s mix and match, or this and that even.

“It’s quite challenging to do tricks on mountain bikes, they don’t particularly like going backwards. But these days they are so good and light and strong.

“We’ve just tried to produce a fun, entertaining video.

“Hopefully some younger riders watching this get inspired to go out on their bikes – and as they will see from the bloopers the other message is wear your helmets and pads.”

Watch the full video below