THE latest “Open Minds” article (How Scottish independence could re-ignite the north-east energy sector, April 10) really cannot be allowed to pass without challenge.

First of all it is essential to recognise that the time for “open minds” on climate change and the threat it presents to humanity has long passed. We have to make the transition to a zero-carbon economy fast and we need to start right now, and get out of the blocks at speed.

What the “Open Minds” column is proposing is anything but the urgent start we must make; it means an extended period of transition based on the notion that we have to find the money to finance the transition from the revenues that oil and gas production create.

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This scenario is like the cartoon character sitting on the branch of a tree which he is sawing off. What “Open Minds” is suggesting is based on cartoon economics.

The problem is that there isn’t an open mind behind the thinking going on here. The cartoon economics are derived from a closed mind which denies the essential function of the state in the process of money creation. A government with its own currency and central bank has the power to provide whatever is required to fund the rapid transition to a zero-carbon economy. There is no requirement for dependency on revenues from oil and gas production.

Cartoon economics is in denial about the importance of Scotland establishing our own currency without delay after independence. Scotland needs a real-world conversation about how we develop our post-independence economy and how we take the road to a zero-carbon world. Cartoon economics needs to be reserved for The Beano.

Jim Osborne
Scottish Banking & Finance Group Convenor.

THE 16th Open Minds article on “Renewables and Independence” headed “The key to powering an indy Scotland’s future” (April 7) was very informative and enlightening. This emphasises the importance of gaining independence as soon as possible to advance green energy with public ownership to maximise the benefit to the Scottish people.

As the article “Scots currency should be just the first step after indy” by Jim Osborne of the Scottish Banking & Finance Group (April 9) points out, substantial reformation of the banking and financial system is possible with independence and additional economic powers would become available which would help achieve this green energy goal.

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Not getting independence soon would leave the progress of this incredible green energy resource wide open to and largely dictated by private industry, as happened to the oil and gas resources under Thatcher and the following UK Conservative and right-wing Labour governments.

If this is important to you and you want your voice heard, it is essential to first demand Scottish independence soon. The way to achieve this in current circumstances is to vote for pro-independence parties in the Scottish Parliament elections. The higher the pro-independence vote, the stronger this will demonstrate the demand requiring that whoever makes up the new Scottish Government must progress to independence as quickly as possible, which will help make possible actions to specifically benefit Scotland, including this green energy recovery.

Jim Stamper

I’D like to highlight Xander Richards’ and Tasmina Ahmed- Sheikh’s excellent articles in Wednesday’s paper. I particularly liked the Lenin quote Tasmina used: “There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen” (Unionist parties in a tizz either side of the Border, April 14). Xander highlighted Sir Tom Devine’s view that the Union, post-Thatcher, has transformed from a union of consent into a union of coercion and force (Devine: Tories see Scotland as grateful and over-privileged, April 14).

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Clearly the UK society’s facade of stability is crumbling on both sides of the Border. England resents Scotland’s ungratefulness for being attached to England, the greatest country in the world, while Scotland (Wales, English regions) resent being neglected by London and the south-east. The many social, economic and political problems have festered and rumbled on for too long. The astute Scottish voter recognises the UK’S Government “game” is so obviously rigged. The lobbying, the cronyism is endemic at Westminster.

The self-interested, bullying tactics have now become so established that the Scottish people – recognising the injustices, the unfairness of the present system – have finally become braver, more open to fight for real change. And as the polls reveal they are poised to vote 1 and 2 for independence. Decades and decades of accumulated grievances have now boiled over to the surface and will not be tolerated any longer. So to quote Lenin again, let’s ensure the next few weeks are pivotal, “where decades happen!”. Real change is in our grasp. Let’s not fritter it away. We cannot allow further decades of injustice!

Robin Maclean
Fort Augustus