The National:

MUCH on social media remains a mystery.

How exactly is it changing the way we think? Is it reflecting or determining the way we vote? Why has no-one told Alan Sugar to stop tweeting?

Not everything, however, is unclear.

Take the example of the journalist that works for Guido Fawkes – a right-wing news site – who’s been blocked by Nicola Sturgeon’s Twitter account.

Christian Calgie, who made the announcement this morning, is utterly appalled.

He tweeted: “No. Way. The First Minister of Scotland has genuinely blocked me on Twitter for sharing an attack ad I didn't tag her in, meaning someone on her team is actively combing through Twitter...”

The video in question cites a highly contested segment on the Andew Marr show which claimed Scotland’s coronavirus record was “worse” than England’s.

We took a close look at those claims in this article.

Nonetheless, Calgie’s tweet sparked outrage among Scottish MSPs, who are always eager to expose the First Minister’s supposedly tyrannical nature.

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“Blocking journalists is neither a sign of a healthy democracy nor a First Minister who is confident of her own record in government,” Jamie Greene tweeted.

Annie Wells added that it wasn’t a “great look” for Sturgeon.

But speaking of looks that aren’t great, other Twitter users pointed to a series of smears posted by Calgie about the SNP leader.

In September, he suggested Sturgeon is overseeing “North Korean levels of personality cultism” as he shared an article which likened the First Minister to the child snatcher.

The National:

Earlier that month, he also shared a video of Sturgeon being hit by a tennis ball, with more than a hint of glee.

“A gif of Nicola Sturgeon getting whacked by a tennis ball for you this afternoon,” he posted.

The reporter later added: “(Genuinely no malice to this, the full video shows she was fine x)”

It seems it wouldn’t take Sherlock Holmes to solve the mystery of why he’s been blocked.