I LIVED and worked as an electrician in Denmark for three years in the 60s. Took our son back to Legoland in the 80s and came home spouting “wind power” everywhere I went.

To my joy eventually the first wind turbine appeared, in spite of the NIMBY cries of “won’t work ... not enough wind”, but for two years the Danes had researched wind in Europe and found that Scotland was wealthiest in wind power.

With modern wind turbines a wind speed of only 12.5mph will suffice, but consider our zero-carbon target. At first it seemed that only water storage (sea or fresh) dams were the answer. BUT – and this is the big BUT – there are more than 100 lochs over 1000ft in elevation above sea level which means that all we have to do is insert a suitable spillway with a turbine embedded inside and hey presto, all the power you need for the NIMBY windless days, which amount to fewer than 30 to 60 per year. They are then replenished over winter by rain and snow melt.

What do you think? Not rocket science ... and zero waste products.

Brian Clark