IT’S just six weeks until St Andrew’s Day – and the Yes DIY page is asking everyone across the Yes movement to let us know if your group has any plans to celebrate.

We have not had much to celebrate in public this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, but if you are having a safe event for our national saint’s feast day, please tell us at

One event we can tell you of is The Wee Scottish Rally to Celebrate Big Events, which will be held in Glasgow Cathedral on November 30.

It’s been announced on Facebook and will be hosted by that kenspeckle figure James Scott.

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The inspiration for the event is stated by the organisers: “We cannot let this horrible year go by without remembering the 200th anniversary of the 1820 rising and the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath, so we will remember these events but under strict restrictions because of Covid-19.”

The planned schedule is as follows:

1pm – Remembering St Andrew and his association with Scotland

1.15pm – Remembering Bishop Robert Wishart, the great Scottish patriot who is buried in Glasgow Cathedral

1.30pm – The 200th anniversary of the 1820 uprising

1.45pm – The 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath with a reading of the Declaration

2pm – The Declaration Of Glasgow which was sent to world leaders and the United Nations in April 2016