THE sports coverage of your paper on Tuesday amounted to seven pages of football coverage and virtually nothing else – a page of horse racing. Now I like to follow both domestic and international football, but surely there is scope for more diverse sports coverage.

Not everyone likes football. Not everyone likes rugby. The day before at the Giro d’Italia, one of the most impressive races ever seen in cycling took place with Peter Sagan winning a stage, where he attacked from the off and maintained his lead, never more than a few minutes, for 177km. No-one in the six-man breakaway could keep up with him and he won with many seconds to spare. He was supposed to be yesterday’s man, but prevailed.

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My point is that there are other sports out there and your paper should not just be about football, rugby and a bit of horse racing, important though they all are to Scottish people. Some time ago, I wrote a letter to The Herald about the loss of their Sports Digest, which had small items about many sports, some often obscure. Even Biathlon, which I follow, was mentioned, along with badminton etc. Needless to say I did not get my letter published – hasten to add not the reason I gave them up.

It would be good to see The National provide a more general sports coverage. I expect I am not the only one who would like to see sports other than football covered. However I will be following the national team in their quest for qualification for a tournament. Go Scotland!

Allan Merry

I’VE been a regular reader of The National since its inception, and whilst the sports coverage took its time to include horse racing I’m still concerned at the lack of coverage for teams outwith the SPFL. The lower league teams get little or no mention. The League Cup is being played just now and only two match reports have been printed. Can you give a good reason why?

William Shepherd