THE First Minister will set out new measures to control coronavirus outbreaks at universities as soon as later today, she has said.

During First Minister’s Questions, the Scottish ToriesHolyrood group leader Ruth Davidson asked what further measures are being taken to limit spread on campuses as more than 1000 students across Scotland are self-isolating today.

There have been outbreaks of Covid-19 infections in accommodation in Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen in recent days, with the latest at Glasgow University considered to be “significant”.

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Today another 219 cases were confirmed in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde health board area – Nicola Sturgeon said in the Chamber that a “significant” proportion of these new cases were linked to the outbreak at the University of Glasgow.

So far 124 cases have been confirmed at the university, and 600 students are self-isolating. Across in Dundee, 500 Abertay students are self-isolating following three positive cases in accommodation.

National clinical director Jason Leitch is “very concerned” about the situation.

Sturgeon said that “discussions are ongoing” with leaders in the universities sector about the “difficult situation”.

“We will set out some further measures I hope later today,” she told MSPs.

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The First Minister said new measures would revolve around “prevention” and “making sure all of the guidance is being properly and rigorously implemented”.

Meanwhile in Westminster Matt Hancock said he would not rule out the prospect of asking students to stay on campus over Christmas amid the clusters in halls.

In an interview with Times Radio Hancock was asked whether students would be encouraged to stay at university over Christmas.

He said: "We have said that students should stay at university until Christmas... We don't rule out the suggestion you just made but I don't want to have to say that. It is some time off.

"I very much hope that we won't have to say that, but as I say I don't rule it out.

"The important thing is in the short-term, students once they've gone to university should stay at university so as not to spread the disease."