These are the day's key events as Scotland and the UK enter second lockdown

10.00am - Cobra crisis meeting held chaired by Boris Johnson with Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford, Northern Ireland First Minister Arlene Foster and with UK Cabinet members.

It will be the first Cobra for four months and Sturgeon and other leaders have demanded a session in light of the rising numbers of infections. Having spoken to the first ministers by telephone yesterday the Prime Minister will be hoping for a smooth session.

11.00am onwards - Scottish Cabinet meet to sign off new restrictions. Leaked documents show that in Scotland measures could go much further than a 10pm curfew on pubs, as confirmed in England, with a “circuit break” Scottish-wide lockdown for two weeks reviewed on a rolling basis. The First Minister and chief medical officer Gregor Smith hinted yesterday that there could be further nationwide restrictions on household visiting and possible limitations on travel - across Scotland, within the UK and internationally.

12.30pm  - Boris Johnson is then up in the Commons to announce the new restrictions. Labour and the SNP are likely to call for more effective test and trace systems and to urge an extension to the furlough.

2.20pm  - First Minister Nicola Sturgeon due in front of Holyrood to give a statement. All eyes will be on her to find out the details of the new measures, how they will implement them and how long they will be in force for. Political observers will also to keen to hear if the First Minister's policies go further than Johnson's.

She has had a more cautious attitude during the crisis and approach which has helped her win over support and gain a high approval ratings in the polls.

8.00pm - The Prime Minister will address the nation with an “as live” televised statement. By then all the details of how far Johnson has gone with lockdown will be published and the political debate will move onto whether he has gone far enough, and whether Scotland's First Minister has gone further.

8:05pm - Nicola Sturgeon will give TV address to Scottish TV audience.