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THE day after MPs passed legislation which will break international law, you'd think the media's focus would be on Westminster.  

But not so on the Jeremy Vine show, which had a different target in mind.

The host claimed the coronavirus rules in Scotland are “absurd” because they differentiated from rules elsewhere in the UK.

But with the Westminster Government “tied up on Brexit”, he asked whether it would be a good idea to let Nicola Sturgeon lead the UK’s coronavirus response.

“Kill me now if she was in charge,” came the measured response from Lowri Turner – a TV presenter turned hypnotherapist who’s clearly an expert on all things Sturgeon.

“I used to think she was somebody who makes clear decisions … but she’s absolutely power mad isn’t she?”

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To back up that claim, Turner provided the damning evidence that the FM changes her clothes every day.

“Every day she has a different outfit … and she’s stopped saying ‘we’, it’s all ‘I believe’, ‘I think’ … it’s all about her. The power has actually gone to her head.”

Turner then finally got off the fence and told viewers what she really thinks about the prospect of Sturgeon being in charge of the UK: “No, I don’t want to be ruled by a despot.”

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The description of Scotland’s First Minister as a dictator was a “great start” to the debate, according to Vine.

Actor and comedian Eddie Nestor was next to share his expert opinion.

He criticised the SNP leader for wanting to break up the Union, informing viewers: “It doesn’t quite work like that.” Ah yes, because we know the current leaders at Westminster are such sticklers for the rules.

Activist and journalist Ash Sarkar said the prospect of Sturgeon taking over was ridiculous because people in the rest of the UK didn’t vote for Sturgeon – ignoring the fact that the overwhelming majority of Scots didn’t vote for Boris Johnson either.

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Fortunately, a Scottish caller put everyone in their place.

Linaire, from Fife, pointed out Turner was in no position to call anyone a despot when the UK is run by “an unelected adviser – Mr Cummings – and a man who’s willing to break international treaties”.

Turner, however, stood her ground, denying the attack on Sturgeon was a “low blow”.

She instead claimed the FM’s “management style” is “my way or the highway”, adding: “If you like being ordered about, go ahead, I personally don’t like being ordered about – luckily, she doesn’t run my county.”

That’s right, you have Boris Johnson instead. You won’t find many people in Scotland who’d want to swap.