The National:

HOUSE of Lords reform is never going to happen.

Let’s be honest – it’s been touted for years by countless leaders. Boris Johnson even indicated he wants to reform it himself. He said that after he gave his brother, party donors and former colleagues seats in it of course.

The idea that the unelected chamber can be transformed from the inside is ludicrous, and the fact it continues to exist in 2020 should be enough to prove that.

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But former Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson clearly wants the public to think she has what it takes to make the change.

Speaking to the BBC last night Davidson, who was gifted a Tory peer from Johnson last week, vowed to do what she could to make the Lords more democratic.

Davidson, who is set to represent the Scottish Tories at FMQs until she leaves Holyrood next spring, told the BBC: “Tony Blair wanted to reform the House of Lords from what it was into a democratically elected Chamber. And we got to half way, which is kind of where we are, and the second half never happened. And I’m on record as saying I want that second half to happen.”

The journalist asked if her plan is to affect change from within the Lords.

“As soon as a plan comes forward I absolutely promise to vote for it in terms of turning it into a democratically elected chamber, yes,” Davidson responded.

Ah. So she doesn’t intend to bring about such a plan herself. She’ll wait until one of the Lords, who earn £305 per day plus expenses, just happens to decide they think the system should be a bit fairer. Very funny.

Looking past all the immediate problems in efforts to make the Lords suddenly a beacon of democracy, Angus Robertson summed up the whole shambolic situation in one tweet.

The former SNP Westminster leader wrote simply: “Scotland is governed by a Tory Party which has not won an election in Scotland since 1955. Having failed to win power Ruth Davidson will now take up a seat in the unelected House of Lords.”

What more is there to say?