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IN the same vein as such three-word hits as Get Brexit Done and Britain Deserves Better, Boris Johnson has unveiled his Government's third coronavirus slogan: "Hands, face, space."

The latest tripartite offering follows on from the widely derided "Stay alert, control the virus, save lives", the disappointing sequel to "Stay home, protect the NHS, save lives". 

It seems Westminster has had a change of heart since Michael Gove claimed the great British public needed nothing more than common sense to combat the virus.

Now, they're handing down a nice simple three words that sound eerily like a song we all learned in nursery... heads, shoulders, face and space. Or something. 

Whatever those in London may be thinking, there has been a clear outpouring of disbelief from the online community. 

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Today, the Prime Minister's twitter account announced the new slogan, saying: "there are some very simple ways we can all protect ourselves and others from the spread of coronavirus".

However, one June Sim suggested a new meaning for the words, writing: "There are some very simple ways we can all protect ourselves and others from the spread of Conservatives.

"Wash your HANDS of the Tories forever

"Expose their FACEs & prosecute them for their corruption

"Make SPACE for a new society based on need not greed."

Another wrote: "Finally some honesty and clear messaging in the Government’s new #Covid19UK messaging. Boris finally making his intentions clear, like a leader should do!"

However, the image shared wasn't quite the same as Johnson's:

Others criticised the childish nature of the slogan, suggesting it had been chosen essentially at random or that it sounded like it had come from the Teletubbies:

Others looked for hidden meanings in the words which others labelled "jargon", suggesting they may point to buried treasure on the what3words world map:

It would seem that sometimes simplicity is not clarity: