JOHN Hamilton (Letters, July 28) correctly acknowledges that England, with its larger financial resources, would no doubt refuse temporary borrowing to independent Scotland, precisely because we would be no longer part of the Union and would be too wee (and poor and stupid) to arrange this for ourselves. This is point is all too often made by Prime Minister Johnson and his lackeys, during their disingenuous havering.

However, as an independent country our lockdown (and border closures for unnecessary travel) could have been made much sooner, with a much lower Covid-19 death toll, and our national finances far less affected. The example of New Zealand has been well publicised, but this country

has the advantage of being surrounded by oceans and being 2000km from Australia, its nearest sizeable neighbour.

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Of greater significance to our situation is Slovenia, which has a population of 2.1 million, four neighbouring countries including Italy, and is part of the EU. Its latest reported Covid-19 deaths total 117. If Slovenia and many other small countries can do it, we could also.
J Edwards
West Lothian