WE have been asked to bring to the attention of the Yes movement what could be a fascinating discussion via a webinar on Thursday, July 30 at 5pm.

The European Movement in Scotland is hosting an event entitled How Scotland Can Maintain And Develop Its Links With The EU And Its Peoples.

It’s free but you have to register to participate on Eventbrite. Leading off the discussion will be Sir Graham Watson and Stephen Gethins.

The latter should need no introduction to National readers. Gethins was SNP MP for North East Fife from 2015 to 2019 and SNP spokesperson for Europe and international affairs. He has worked in democratisation and peace-building in the western Balkans and South Caucasus.

He has also worked in EU institutions and at Scotland House in Brussels and was a special adviser to the First Minister. He is now professor of practice in international relations at the University of St Andrews.

Watson was a LibDem MEP for South West England from 1994 to 2014. In the European Parliament he served as chairman of the parliament’s Committee on Citizens Rights and Freedoms, Justice and Home Affairs from 1999 to 2002 and as leader of the Liberal Group (ELDR, later ALDE), from 2002 to 2009.

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From 2011 to 2015 he was president of the European Liberal Democrat Party (ALDE). Watson was born and educated in Scotland and now lives in Edinburgh.

Many Yes groups have European citizens in their ranks – perhaps his event could be brought to their attention.

The organisers say: “Brexit has happened, but that doesn’t mean we should weaken our links with Europe – far from it. In fact, the European Movement in Scotland believes it is even more vital that we maintain and develop Scotland’s links with the European Union and the peoples of Europe. This could be done in many ways.

"Here are some examples: the Scottish Government and Parliament could extend its links and co-operation with nations and regions throughout Europe, such as the Nordic Council and the proposed European Health Union.

“Maintaining and strengthening links in education – for schools, further and higher education are maintained and strengthened – and supporting language learning, for all ages. Taking advantage of the positive attitude to Scotland which many Europeans have to promote tourism (particularly sustainable tourism) and cultural links.”

They added: “Extending the work of Scotland House in Brussels, to increase the opportunity for Scottish business in Europe.

“Promoting people-to-people links, for example by supporting youth and other community exchanges, and making more of the existing twinning links that many cities and towns already have.”