THE Aberdeen Independence Movement (AIM) told The National last week that it was determined to maintain and improve its online initiatives with talks and discussions involving members and guests.

AIM has been as good as its word, with the latest event taking place via its Facebook Live on Monday, July 20, at 7pm.

Entitled Build Back Better From Covid: Aberdeen And Shire, AIM will host a Zoom discussion on how the city and shire can build back better from the current health crisis.

The group said: “Our area faces huge issues with Covid, Brexit and the oil and gas downturn. The focus of the discussion will be on how it affects the third sector and small businesses, especially the retail, food and drink, and tourism sectors.

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“It’s time that we all come together and bring ideas forward on what we can do to secure a better future for our area.

AIM has secured a cracking line-up of speakers to lead the discussion.

They will be joined by leading north-east politicians Richard Thomson, SNP MP for Gordon; Stephen Flynn, SNP MP for Aberdeen South and former MEP Sheila Ritchie, as well as councillors Marion Ewenson, Vicky Harper and Neil Ballie and Green Party candidate Maggie Chapman. There will also be local business voices and representatives from the third sector asking questions and involved in the discussion.

AIM added: “Please visit our page on July 20 at 7pm to view the live discussion, where you can leave your opinion and ideas in the comments section.”