HE does not have his problems to seek at the moment having appeared in court again on contempt charges related to the Alex Salmond trial, so it was brave of former British ambassador Craig Murray to take time off to appear on IndyLive radio last week.

Glasgow Pensioners for Independence arranged the talk and some 60 people from across Scotland took part in the Q&A session.

Murray spoke about the international route to independence: “We think of independence as something that is internal to Scotland, about persuading enough people in Scotland to support it and persuading Westminster not to block it, whereas the independence of a state is about being recognised by other international states.

“The independence of a state is a condition of international law, it is not a condition of domestic law.”

Murray added: “A referendum is not a condition for becoming an independent state. It may be a political condition, but it is certainly not a legal condition.”

He continued: “There are other ways ... and nothing makes me more exasperated than to hear the 2014 referendum referred to as a gold standard.

“If we recall the Vow and the impact of the Vow on the result, breaking all the rules of purdah that was supposed to apply to the campaign, this was not a gold standard process.”

You can hear the talk and debate by visiting: www.pensionersforindependence.scot/2020/07/04/a-way-forward-to-independence.