POLICE are being urged to investigate Nigel Farage after he seemingly broke UK lockdown rules by visiting a pub within two weeks of returning from the US.

The Brexit Party leader shared a photo of himself with a pint at midday yesterday after pubs reopened in England. "12 o'clock, first customer in. Love it,” the post read.

Farage was filmed at Donald Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at 1.02am (UK time) on June 21.

The president’s address finished at 3am UK time and commercial flights from Tulsa to England take at least 10 hours, meaning Farage would have been back in the UK at noon on June 21 at the earliest. If that was the case, he would have to quarantine until today, Sunday July 5, under UK Government quarantine rules.

Acting LibDem leader Sir Ed Davey has called on police to investigate. The former Cabinet minister has written to the chief constable of the Kent constabulary questioning whether Farage, who lives in the area, contravened coronavirus guidelines.

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Sir Ed wrote to chief constable Alan Pughsley, stating: "I write out of concern that one of your local residents may have broken quarantine rules regarding international travel and is putting lives at risk with a wilful disregard for scientific and medical advice."

He added: "It has been widely reported in the media that Mr Farage was attending a rally held in Tulsa, Oklahoma by President Trump on June 20 2020, and he was pictured there. At the rally there was scant regard for the safety of those attending or indeed for those who they may contact afterwards.

"Regardless of whether Mr Farage should have been in the United States supporting President Trump or not, the dates from his posts on Twitter and the photographs of him at the rally suggest that he may be disregarding the quarantine rules that the Home Secretary has put in place.

"Those rules require 14 full days of isolation for anyone returning to the UK from overseas, but Mr Farage was pictured in the USA on the evening of June 20, which suggests he should have been at home in quarantine when he was in the pub.

"I write to ask you to immediately investigate this issue, establish the timeline of events for Mr Farage's return to the UK and establish whether Mr Farage was in breach of his quarantine. It is vital that lives are not put at risk by breaches of quarantine."

Farage has dismissed any suggestion that he broke the rules.

He tweeted: "To all those screaming and shouting about me going to the pub ... I have been back from the USA for 2 weeks and I have been tested – the result was negative. Sorry to disappoint you. Cheers!"

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Concerns about the Brexit Party leader's trip have also been raised on the far side of the Atlantic. Homeland Security Committee chair Bennie G Thompson has written to the department requesting it look into a potential rules breach.

During the pandemic, Brits have been banned from entering the US unless they have family members who are US citizens or are “individuals who meet specific exceptions”.

Farage was granted an 11th hour reprieve to enter the US by border officials on the grounds of it being “in the national interest”.

Democrat congressman Thompson wrote to security chief Chad Wolf calling for “all relevant” documents relating to Farage’s presence in the states to be handed over.

Thompson wrote: “The decision of the Trump administration to admit Mr Farage to the United States to enable him to attend a campaign rally at a time when most travel from the United Kingdom to the US has been suspended raises numerous troubling questions, as does the claim that such travel was in the national interest.”

The Customs and Border Protection agency confirmed the Brexit Party leader had been denied boarding while in the UK, but the decision was overturned following an internal review.