IT'S possibly Scotland's best-loved scran — and now it's available in crisp form.

Mackie's Crisps are set to score what's likely a world first when their Lorne Sausage and Brown Sauce flavour hits snack aisles.

But shoppers need to be quick to grab their bag, as only 150,000 packets will be made.

The company's James Taylor said: “It really does taste just like the real thing – regardless whether you call it Lorne or square.”

The limited-edition product follows on from the Haggis, Neeps and Tatties offering created by the Perthshire firm last December.

It became a sell-out and the family business hopes this will too when it's delivered to grocers through the coming weeks.

However, they say they expect fans to be divided over whether it should have been called square sausage, rather than Lorne sausage.

Taylor said: “We trialled quite a few different concepts, but the lorne sausage and brown sauce combination became an instant hit with all of our team.

“The addition of brown sauce gives it a really savoury and complex flavour profile — and one we hope crisp - and sausage - fans will love in equal measure.

“We're quickly becoming synonymous for our patriotic limited flavours.

“As Scots, we're too quick to put down our traditional foods, but in reality we have amazing produce and dishes we should be fiercely proud of.”

It is believed that the Lorne or square sausage was developed in the 19th century as improvements to metal making allowed for foods to be easily shaped or baked.

While the origin of the “Lorne” name is disputed, evidence suggests it is not named after Glasgow comedian Tommy Lorne, who made disparaging remarks about the quality of sausages in the city.

But it may have come from the ancient district of Lorne, which is now part of Argyll and Bute, or perhaps the Marquess of Lorne, who married Queen Victoria's daughter Princess Louise in the 19th century.

Taylor said: “It will hit the shops throughout Scotland in the coming weeks and will only be available until the first — and only — batch of 150,000 bags sells out.

“We certainly hope that this new flavour proves as tempting as haggis, neeps and tatties did.

“We have enjoyed working on the development of this new flavour and limited editions will likely continue to play an integral role for our crisps business over the coming years.

“Those that prove popular amongst our customers could end up being added to our permanent range.”