Greggs has paused plans to reopen its first sites to the public next week over fears it could attract crowds.

Last week, the high street bakery chain told staff it planned a phased re-opening of stores, with 20 sites due to open in the Newcastle area from May 4 for takeaway and delivery as part of an initial trial.

However, it said it will run the trial “behind closed doors” due to fears customers will flock to its stores in large numbers.

While the news has dissapointed fans of the bakery brand - there are a number of other ways to enjoy one of their pasteries at home.

What have Greggs said about plans to reopen?

A company spokeswoman said on Friday, May 1: “Due to significant interest in our 20-shop trial, and the risk that excessive numbers of customers may plan to visit Greggs, we will now initially operate these trials behind closed doors in order to effectively test our new operational safety measures.

“We will continue to review this and will invite walk-in customers into our shops only when we can be confident of doing so in the controlled manner we intended.”

How can you still have a Greggs at home?

Fortunately, foodie fans will still be able to grab a slice of the action at Iceland supermarkets and online in the meantime.

The chain sell the following products from Greggs, which can be baked at home:

  • Greggs four Sausage Rolls
  • Greggs two Steak Bakes
  • Greggs two Cheese and Onion Bakes
  • Greggs two Sausage and Bean Melts
  • Greggs two Chicken Bakes
  • Greggs two Bacon and Cheese Wraps
  • Greggs two Corned Beef Bakes
  • Greggs 16 Mini Sausage Rolls
  • Greggs two Vegetable Bakes
  • Greggs eight Sausage Rolls

The National: Greggs have unveiled its steak bake recipe to create at home. Picture: GreggsGreggs have unveiled its steak bake recipe to create at home. Picture: Greggs

Alternatively, here's a recipe to make their famous steak bake at home. If you prefer a Vegan Steak Bake, just swap out the ingredients for vegan friendly options.

How to make the Steak Bake

To make the steak bake, you’ll need:

  • Finely diced beef
  • Beef stock
  • Cornflour mixed with water
  • Puff pastry
  • One egg

Instructions for the filling mix:

  • Sizzle the beef in a frying pan until browned
  • Pour the beef stock into the pan before adding the cornflour mix
  • Allow the mix to thicken to your tastes and leave to cool

Instructions for the pastry:

  • Cut two pieces of pastry, into squares measuring 180mm x 94 mm to be precise
  • Egg wash the edges

Instructions for the steak bake:

  • Spoon your filling onto one of the sheets of pastry
  • Place the other sheet on top
  • Fork the edges of the sheets to lock them in place
  • Score the top with 6 lines
  • Place the uncooked pastry into the oven at 200C, or until golden brown and piping hot