A REQUEST for financial assistance from the Edinburgh Yes Hub to the Scottish Independence Foundation (SIF) has highlighted that many Yes groups with hubs and shops may well be finding it very difficult to pay rent, standing fuel costs and insurance at this time of closure due to the coronavirus.

John Hunter-Paterson, vice-convener of SIF, said: “This financial assistance request to SIF from the team at the Edinburgh Yes Hub has highlighted the problems that all of our Yes shops and hubs may be facing over the coming months.

“It’s quite possible that financial donations which they depend on to stay afloat may well dry up due to people facing uncertain household income, and not being able to be open will also mean that they will not be receiving the usual merchandise sales which they might well depend on to be able to support their existence.”

“We urge each of the Yes shop and hubs to speak with their landlords or fuel suppliers to come to some arrangement about trying to get a rent holiday or delayed payment if they are concerned about how this reduced income may affect future continuation.

“These hubs have been a hugely important part of our our collective campaign with the resolute message they provide on the high streets up and down the length and breadth of Scotland. It would be very sad to see them close due to lack of funds during this very difficult time we are facing.”

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SIF say they have been happy to help the Edinburgh Yes Hub stay afloat for the next few months with a donation of funds, and they urge supporters of Scottish independence to help their local Yes shop or hub with any donation they can afford to enable them to stay viable once this situation passes and they can open their doors once again.

SIF stated: “Their role has been vital in not only providing factual information to help to allay concerns about details about Scottish independence to those who are undecided, but they also host events which bring in new ideas and new supporters, as well as selling merchandise which will be seen out there in the public eye.

“They are a space to advertise national events such as independence marches and rallies and provide a place to dispense leaflets to help boost the numbers in attendance, which also, by their very existence show passers-by that Scotland still has a strong appetite for independence.”

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