THE First Minister has confirmed that the number of deaths from coronavirus in Scotland has risen to 60, an increase of 13 since yesterday.

Nicola Sturgeon began her daily briefing by going through the latest figures, adding that there are now 1193 positive cases in the country. That is a rise of 430 from yesterday.

However, Sturgeon added 108 of those new cases are from one lab which was unable to submit data over the weekend.

The SNP leader also stressed that the rise in case numbers "reflects the expansion of our testing capacity".

Sturgeon added that 6% of the NHS workforce is currently off sick as a result of the virus.

She said: "Yesterday we were asked about the numbers of NHS workers off sick because of the virus. At present, just over 6% of NHS staff are off work either with Covid-related symptoms or self-isolating because others in their household have symptoms."

Sturgeon said the Scottish Government aims to address this issue by ramping up testing.

She said: "We have begun testing of key workers and as we expand that capacity we will be able to get people back to work as quickly as possible."

The First Minister also spoke on the issue of domestic abuse victims being stuck at home in dangerous situations. 

She said: "I want to ensure that people know that the Domestic Abuse and Forced Marriage helpline remains open at all hours during this epidemic. Anyone who needs support or advice can email or webchat through their website, or call them on 0800 027 1234."

"People who are suffering domestic abuse do not need to wait to seek help. That help is available now and you should not hesitate to come forward and get it."

More to follow.

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