ACROSS the UK tonight members of the public will stand at doors and windows at 8pm to clap for NHS staff around the country who are helping in the fight against coronavirus.

And in Scotland, the applause is set to be followed by piping from World-Championships-winning Oban High School Pipe Band – despite their being separated during the Covid-19 crisis.

A Facebook post from Neil Mackay, published earlier today, showed he had suggested to Pipe Major Angus MacColl that his band plays from their respective homes tonight after the applause to show appreciation for our healthcare workers in this time of crisis.

He also suggested that any pipers out there who also know the planned two-tune set of “Colin’s Cattle and Castle Dangerous” should also join in.

Mackay wrote: “Angus was delighted with this suggestion and is relaying it through the OHS Pipe Band channels.

“If there is any piper out there or a piper you know (there is a few) please join in at 8.05pm tonight. Knowing Angus’s reputation and the band’s reputation I wouldn’t be surprised if this happened in more locations – not just Oban.”

Mackay invited the message to be shared widely across social media.

Please tag @ScotNational on Twitter if you share clips of you or others joining in the piping.