A WOMAN who lives with a frontline worker for NHS Grampian has branded the decision to test Prince Charles and Camilla for coronavirus while not doing the same for staff “wrong” and “shocking”.

The woman, who did not wish to be named, told BBC Radio Scotland’s Drivetime show that she has been displaying symptoms for days and her whole household – including a frontline worker – has been forced to self-isolate as a result.

She said the members of the household have asked about testing but are “still awaiting any news”, leaving a key healthcare worker stuck at home while the NHS tries to cope with the coronavirus crisis.

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Yesterday it was revealed Prince Charles and Camilla had been tested by NHS Grampian despite Charles only showing “mild” symptoms and Camilla showing no symptoms at all. Officially the NHS only tests patients who have been admitted to hospital for Covid-19, but Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer said there were “very good reasons” to test the royal couple.

The unnamed self-isolating woman said: “I have been unable to get tested despite trying to be tested and I do know of several other members of staff who are also in isolation for 14 days who have been unable to access any testing from NHS Grampian.

“I have contacted them and I am still awaiting any news from them about being tested. So as it stands I have in my household someone who is a frontline member of staff and they have to stay off work for 14 days and I have other friends and colleagues who are in the same situation.”

“I think it’s wrong and I think it’s shocking that NHS Grampian have been able to go out to Balmoral and test not only Prince Charles, but Camilla who is asymptomatic when we have frontline medical nursing and other key worker staff at home who are unable to access the testing who do fulfil the criteria whereas Prince Charles and certainly Camilla who is asymptomatic do not.

She called for “prioritising” of the tests for frontline NHS staff.

The UK and devolved governments have said tests are being scaled up to allow them to be extended to NHS workers.