Noughts Crosses (BBC1, 9pm)

ALBION is reeling from the aftermath of events at Demwa Hospital, but Sephy has just one question on her mind – how did Callum know what was going to happen? As soon as Ryan discovers what has happened, he gives himself up to the police and confesses in order to save his sons. Meggie is horrified to discover what has happened to her family, and Jasmine offers to pay for Ryan’s legal defence costs.

Hospital (BBC2, 9pm)

THE documentary looks at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital’s craniofacial department – one of only four in the UK that treats life-threatening congenital skull and facial abnormalities. With a rise in referrals, the department is over-subscribed and neurosurgeon Chris Parks, who leads the craniofacial surgical team, faces a non-stop workload. Chris always works hand in glove with Ben Robertson, one of three paediatric maxillofacial surgeons in the UK. But this partnership is about to be broken up, as Ben is leaving to return to his native Australia. It takes 23 years’ training to become a maxillofacial consultant specialising in craniosurgery, and there is currently nobody experienced enough to replace Ben.

Born to Be Different (C4, 9pm)

FOR 20 years, Channel 4 has been following five individuals born with disabilities. Now that they have reached young adulthood, cameras return for the first of two new documentaries to find out how it feels for them to be out in the world alone. Zoe is starting a law degree, but has refused the help of a care team while at university. Emily is studying to become a nurse, while William has moved to his own flat. However, he has spent more time in hospital than his new home. Shelbie’s family are taking one day at a time.