IN light of the acceleration in Covid-19 cases, the Yes DIY page asked National readers and Yes groups on Saturday whether the movement should temporarily suspend campaigning.

The response has been an overwhelming agreement to stop public campaign work for the foreseeable future.

Paddy Farrington, of Yes Marchmont and Morningside, wrote to tell us the views of his group: “You asked whether Yes groups should suspend public-facing activities in view of the coronavirus epidemic.

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“Yes Marchmont and Morningside today took the decision to suspend all its activities for the foreseeable future – stalls, group meetings, and other public activities.

“We decided to cancel a public meeting we were planning in April with Gerry Hassan on the theme of ‘solidarity, self-determination and Scotland’s future’, since solidarity, just now, means abiding by the spirit as well as the letter of the Scottish Government’s epidemic control measures.

“We owe it to our supporters and the public.

“But also we felt that campaigning in current circumstances could be counterproductive.

The National: Paddy Farrington said they owed to it to Yes supporters and the wider public to pause campaigningPaddy Farrington said they owed to it to Yes supporters and the wider public to pause campaigning

“We shall endeavour to provide assistance to any of our supporters, and indeed others, who may need it if they have to self-isolate. Our group started in early 2014 and has been holding monthly meetings and engaging in countless public activities ever since, so it’s with a heavy heart that we took these decisions. But we’ll be back.

“Our Facebook page ( remains defiantly active.”

Ian Richmond wrote to tell us what his group have decided: “Dumfries and Galloway Pensioners for Independence has taken a pause for practical reasons.

“We felt people would be anxious to engage with us at our street stalls and events.

“However we did have our best ever first Sunday Yes session last week, and we are waiting to see whether to go ahead with our next on Easter Sunday.

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“In the meantime we are putting together information packs, researching topics, and putting together briefing papers ready for the resumption of normal insurrection. We continue to keep in touch with our members through email and our excellent website

Jim Cassidy of Airdrie for Independence wrote to say: “Many thanks for your help in promoting two events I am involved in, the Trade Unionists for Independence meeting tomorrow, and the Airdrie for Independence ‘Grouse Beater’ talk on Sunday March 22.

“Unfortunately due to coronavirus precautions both of these meetings have been cancelled.”

We are happy to publish this news to prevent people travelling unnecessarily, as the decisions to suspend campaigning are right.