I FEEL very sad that Jess Mitchell (Letters, March 16) feels that she would starve if she decided to self-isolate.

It is clearly in the best interest of the people to prevent the rapid spread of the virus, and this is best done if all social contacts are kept to a minimum.

I am in a vulnerable group, not quite 70, but suffering from asthma and diabetes, and although I currently do not show any symptoms, I have decided to self-isolate except for vital journeys, such as getting medications.

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I know that we have several neighbours who would agree to shop for me and my wife if this help is needed. Elderly and disabled people are often reluctant to ask for help, but in these circumstances a call to one of the many support organisations could solve most problems.

There are many people and organisations out there for whom “I’m All Right Jack” has changed to “Are You All Right, Jack?”. Do not be embarrassed to use them.

Pete Rowberry

If you are self-isolating and need help with shopping, medicines or just someone to chat to, email community@thenational.scot and we'll do our best to put you in touch with a reader in your local community