AN interesting letter sent to the The National by Jean Hill of Pensioners for Independence is sparking debate in the wider Yes movement.

Hill wrote to tell us: “Several Yes Groups with which I am connected have decided to suspend our campaigning activities immediately to help delay the coronavirus epidemic as long as possible, in order to prevent our Scottish health service from being overwhelmed.

“I would ask all other Yes groups to do so promptly – leafleting, stalls, meetings and marches, anything connecting with the public. Marches also need transport.

“We can step up our online activities, billboards, window posters and still wear our badges. Some non-supporting friends have asked me about these activities. Speed is necessary.”

All Under One Banner has already called off its march set for the weekend of the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath.

The group tweeted yesterday that further marches planned for Glasgow in May and elsewhere may have to be cancelled or postponed, but that they will “wait nearer the time to make a call”.

This would appear to be good sense on the part of AUOB. There would be a very big Unionist backlash against the Yes movement if even one person was to contract Covid-19 on a march.

Should all Yes-supporting groups now suspend public-facing activities? What do Yessers think? Tell us via